Coordinating the Making and Distribution of
Home-Sewn Face Masks
in Maine during the
COVID-19 Crisis

About Home Sewn Masks Made with Quilting Cotton or other Sewing Fabrics

There are multiple studies done such as this one from BMJ Open, a medical journal, that shows very clearly that cloth masks are not anywhere as safe as an actual medical mask.

If you are receiving or using a fabric mask - they need to be used correctly. Improper use of any facemask (homemade or commercial) can be more dangerous than not using one at all. Please do your own research and make good decisions for your own safety. 

Any fabric mask you are given should be sterilized before use, as it is unknown who made or handled it, and if they were healthy at that time. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Check the tabs in the upper right for patterns, drop-off locations, and more

Whether this situation with Covid-19 lasts for days, weeks, or months, it is clear that face masks are in need by many people in the state: Medical facilities may find themselves in need, but also other groups that are interfacing with the public on a regular basis are without any protection. 

Masks for Maine is a volunteer effort, led by a small group of people, to create a coordination system to mobilize home stitchers to sew masks for the medical community, and for other groups in need for as long as there is a shortage of medical masks. 

Please click on the link below to fill out a form if you:

  • Have a need for masks

  • Would like to help with the coordination of drop-off and distribution

  • Would like to make masks

  • Have supplies to donate

If you want to offer more than one of these things, you will need to fill out the form multiple times




Important!!!  Please Read!!!

The masks being made are not medical grade masks. This site is merely offering a way to get everyone organized, and is not responsible for anyone's safety. All of the connections made, masks provided, and articles and patterns posted here are done so to have a centralized resource to help our communities, but do not reflect the recommendation of any volunteer connected to this effort. Volunteers are volunteering at their own risk, and those receiving the masks have no guarantee of their quality, safety, or sterilization. People making, handling, coordinating, and using these masks are acting on their own. These masks are made out of sewing fabric, not out of a medical grade filtration product. They are meant to be used as last resorts when professionally made masks are unavailable, and no recommendation on their effectiveness is being made.

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